susan forster

Susan Forster is a contemporary artist and maker living in Wales. She creates sculptural installations using simple materials and found objects. Key features in her work are structure, rhythm, repetition, and simplicity. The evocative power of these elements resides, she believes, in the experience of infancy and early childhood. While her work can be appreciated solely from a visual and experiential perspective, it is underpinned by her background in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and is informed by the ideas of the French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan

Susan’s aesthetic is shaped by her experience of emigration to Australia in the nineteen-fifties. She spent her formative years in Canberra where her father was an architect and her mother an artist and homemaker. At that time Canberra was an emerging new city with a strong emphasis on contemporary architecture.  Its relative remoteness resulted in a vibrant homegrown cultural life, including music, drama, art and ceramics. These features of Susan’s early life have been influential in an art practice that is grounded in three-dimensional space, materials, and surfaces. Susan is a trained garden designer and retains an interest modern architecture, design, ceramics and textiles alongside her art practice.  

Susan is a member of the London-based contemporary arts collective, Present Imperfect. and is currently working towards an MA in Fine Art at the School of Art in Aberystwyth.