art works

6th May 2020. One of the other MA students has just published his new website. It is fantastic: very slick and professional, but also racy, funky, irreverent and subversive. He makes lovely sculptures, which are delightful and most unusual, but unfortunately not for sale. There are just the sort of thing I would like to add to our collection of original art pieces.

It set me thinking about my parental home in Australia. When we emigrated in 1956, we took nothing but our clothes, books, the contents of the kitchen and few personal mementos. It was a new start after years of hardship. Our new house was furnished from scratch with the latest modern design, so different from the tired, dark brown hand-me-downs and utility wartime pieces that populated our tiny Worcestershire cottage.

My mother was a painter and potter. We used the ceramic pieces every day and her paintings hung on the walls. The collection grew as my parents acquired pieces by other local artists. There was not one reproduction in the house. Everything was original. It is a principle I adhere to in my own home.

red cast form

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