an invisible audience

1st May 2020. Presentation Submission Day. It is weird writing a presentation to read aloud to an audience not actually present. How do you make it sound interesting and alive? There were so many messages flying back and forth within our MA group about how hard it is to listen to your own voice.  At the last minute, I had the idea of suggesting to John that it could be done as an “artist in conversation” with another artist. I have a good friend, an actor, who was up for this, but we did not have time to prepare it properly, but we met via Zoom and recorded the presentation that way.

To my alarm, just as we were about to begin, my niece rang from Australia to say my sister had had a stroke and was in hospital.  The deadline for submission was not far off, so, having established that my sister was doing well and had suffered no lasting damage, we pressed on. Speaking for twenty minutes without saying “um” or losing your place is quite a challenge!

as yet unfinished – detail

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