warhol at tate modern

28th April 2020. Yesterday evening I watched the BBC’s visit to the Warhol exhibition at Tate Modern. The team were quick off the mark, as they managed to film only hours before total lock down.

The documentary opened in the Turbine Hall, that great cathedral to industrial architecture of the nineteen thirties. My father, who was an architect, loved this building and was eloquent about the brickwork.

Much of work on show was familiar, however, I was not aware of the work in the final room, Sixty Last Suppers, based on a 19th Century copy of da Vinci’s ubiquitously reproduced original. It was so poignant to see multiple images of this famous last meal which presages the Crucifixion at this moment in the history of the world.

Although Warhol died in 1987 the presenter also described him as a 21st Century artist, on the grounds that his use of multiple images presages the future. These days we have become just so many simulacra.

the man himself

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