art works

6th May 2020. One of the other MA students has just published his new website. It is fantastic: very slick and professional, but also racy, funky, irreverent and subversive. He makes lovely sculptures, which are delightful and most unusual, but unfortunately not for sale. There are just the sort of thing I would like to […]

art and high finance

3rd May 2020. In the morning I watched the BBC documentary, The Price of Everything, about the art market. Auctioneers, collectors, investors, the futures market, and… oh yes, artists as well. What a disparity between successful artists and the rest of us! It is largely a matter of chance, I guess. As Jerry Saltz says, […]

an invisible audience

1st May 2020. Presentation Submission Day. It is weird writing a presentation to read aloud to an audience not actually present. How do you make it sound interesting and alive? There were so many messages flying back and forth within our MA group about how hard it is to listen to your own voice.  At […]

warhol at tate modern

28th April 2020. Yesterday evening I watched the BBC’s visit to the Warhol exhibition at Tate Modern. The team were quick off the mark, as they managed to film only hours before total lock down. The documentary opened in the Turbine Hall, that great cathedral to industrial architecture of the nineteen thirties. My father, who […]

the ignorant schoolmaster

16th April 2020. I have been reading The Ignorant Schoolmaster: Five Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation by the French philosopher Jacques Ranciere (translated by Kristin Ross, ISBN 080471969-1). The book concerns the extraordinary and radical educational theories of the 18th century French academic and educator, Joseph Jacotot. Jacotot, who was living and teaching in Belgium, was […]

psychoanalysis and art

6th April 2020. Yesterday I watched an episode of Imagine, with Alan Yentob talking to Anish Kapoor. It was both exciting and a relief to hear Kapoor articulate ideas that I have been wrestling with for some time. I have always loved his work, the way he creates an interior space that opens out into […]

lock down

20th March 2020. The world is shutting down; every day brings more restrictions. I am extremely lucky to live in Aberystwyth, with space and fresh air and sea, in a lovely house with my own studio, but I wonder how well I will tolerate the anticipated long period of social distancing and the growing limitation […]

far away is close at hand

14th March 2020. In the early morning I drank tea on the sofa while watching James Fox Age of the Image. It led me to think how much the world has changed since I was a child in the fifties. I can recall watching the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in a neighbour’s house, on […]

the pricking of my thumbs

13th March 2020. On Thursday afternoon it became obvious that we must cancel the residency at the Guild of Psychotherapists because of growing anxiety about Covid-19. It is so disappointing, after all our planning and excitement, to call it off, albeit it is a relief not to have to face that long train journey with […]