apple pie

4th March 2020. Yesterday I spent too long trying to organise my photographs. Apple seems to have taken control of all the photos on my Windows 10 laptop. No matter which route I take, whenever I try to create an Album it decides what I need is a video, which I don’t. It wants to […]

open studio in london

29th February 2020. Today I had a very early start, leaving for London on the 5.30 train, to get to a midday appointment and a planning meeting of my London based artists’ collective, Present Imperfect. In two weeks’ time we are holding a three-day Artists’ Residency at The Guild of Psychotherapists in Southwark. We will […]

abject vessels

13th February 2020. My first solo show, Abject Vessels, was the second of four shows curated by the artist Miranda Whall under the title February in the Project Room, held at the School of Art in Aberystwyth. I was delighted with how the show was received. The footfall over the two days was light but […]